The list of authorized services is published here. Trouble Installing Windows 7 on Acer Aspire This should help with the general installation http: SUNG , i dont think that he was messing with the system tools This is the option that you must select on the aspire site. Video 3Digests Video cards: Is this an inverter issue or just a simple screen replacement?

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It was supposed to automatically convert “on the next boot up” but I tried it a few times no go.

Acer Aspire 3620 laptop sound card drivers

Is there such a thing as a fuse in the Aspire Notebook that could have blown?? The indicators are small, you cannot see them in bright sunlight. I have an Aspire which I spilt water on the other day big whoops!!

The bottom contains two vent grilles and two lids to access innards of the notebook. The main gripe with the exterior is the quality of elements. Then i insert old cracked screen and it works fine- except for the crack.

Acer Aspire AWXCI – There Ain’t No Cheaper?

My Screen Cracked and I got the same computer from a guy on e bay. It’s a normal panel for a budget notebook. Many times I’ve used scer to try and find an answer to something.


The only thing I don’t like is the round front edge and that the display lid does not reach the front edge of the case. Maybe you accidentally bent pins inside the connector while connecting the cable? If you want to know the details, read the above-mentioned forum branch. Sometimes the mouse pointer follows your finger with a delay, but I have no special gripes with it.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Where do I get the drivers for them? Under sounds and devices it says ‘no audio’. Should I just ignore it or the situation might get worse. I don’t know much about computer technically so I need help. Any help is greatly appreciated! I thought the light was on the screen… if I can replace it, any ideas how?

No Sound On My Laptop

So it’s as usual – these limitations make the life more difficult for honest users, but have no effect on other people. Not sure what bacl is, but check connection between the video cable and LCD screen.

Its the typical answer you hear from people that have solved there problem but never says how they did it. Are there any hardware updates I should do when changing out the lcd?


Most of the rear panel is taken by the battery. That is it’s not a pure desktop replacement. The buttons are painted carelessly especially the e-mail button.

You can controlker this site. HDD noise is also hardly audible. Where can I find the hinges? You can read about the warranty here. I tried to do a scan with the Intel Driver Update Utility so I could do an automatic driver update but it goes to the ‘analyzing’ stage and stays there; I never ausio any results. All the keys are grouped logically, Del is placed in the upper right corner, which is also convenient for editing texts – you can easily find it by touch.

The case produces a nice impression, it looks great for a cheap model. The touch pad is nicely decorated, black with a silvery scroll button.