Version which permits us booting without VGA error message and further messages. Please also install the latest LAN driver 3. Here are some suggestions: RTC power on function should work correctly. Rename the file to “creative. How do I get this function to work? Please remove the in-box driver and remove the r LAN driver by following command.

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After that, install the battery and plug the ATX power back to the motherboard.

After updating the BIOS, the default of BIOS will be loaded with stable setting and the system runs with slower speed to secure the first boot runs successfully. RTC power on function should work correctly. You can start to update the BIOS now. If you encounter this problem, there are two solutions you can choose, pls.

I can’t format my Samsung hard drive and install OS. I want to install Linux CentOS 5. That’s why the Vcore may be lower. Here are some examples, please refer to the user manual for details. Is there a connector on the motherboard so wsrock I can plug this cable?


ASRock > K7S8X R

Information published on ASRock. Update the BIOS of your motherboard to the latest one.

Please press the “F2” key continuously right after turn on the system until it goes into the BIOS setup. Ks78x you want to enter into boot menu, please press “F11”.

Install the SATA drivers. I would like to install Red Hat Linux 9. Since the share memory uses the system memory, for better system performance, we recommend you to set share memory size to 32MB or less in the BIOS setting.

Flash the BIOS again from step 5. How should I fix this problem? Enter Advanced Settings, and then select Chipset Configuration.

Specifications – Asrock k7s8x r User Manual – Page 5 of 29 |

For further instructions please click qsrock the “How to update” icon in the corresponding row. Then you can freely enjoy the benefit of Dual Graphics feature. How do I solve it? Please install an AGP 8X card first.

ASRock K7S8X R3.0 SiS USB 2.0 driver

Please flash the corresponding BIOS version for your system from our website: Please check below table and update BIOS since or higher version.

Open Notepad and type following registry entry. If I use AC’97 front audio panel with, how do I connect to the High Definition Audio header on the motherboard and get front audio work?


After the installation has finished, you will see below message. How can I use USB 2. I could asrocm get any display after booting up my system; I could see CPU fan and power fan are spinning but no display, what should I do?

If you want to use Bypass Access Technology, the configuration of your system has to conform to the following conditions: But after I finished the installation of Red Hat Linux 9. Please check below table and update BIOS since or higher version.

I cannot continue the Linux installation, what can I do? After I shut down the system, my USB keyboard and mouse are still light on.

Hardware feature, no need to be adjusted.