For optimization purpose, the first applet should perform a complete configuration to speed up the master clock. Each string must be allocated from the application and must have a size superior to 80 bytes. Did the board arrive like this or has it ever worked? Location 0 matches the first byte of the spare area. This automatically refreshes the memory contents. The size of spare area should be preliminarily configured in Spare Size field.

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Enter the data size to read in the Size field. All of these devices have gotten their act together and brought out a bit compliant driver.

Selects adaptive clocking as JTAG speed If they want to erase the historyCommand. This interpreted language offers a standard set of commands which can be extended with application specific commands written in C or other languages.

Installation Shortcut Page Figure Is your operating system 64 or 32 bits? Fuse CFG Figure Send the file using the Send File button. The new HID bootloader only needs the reset button to 664 pressed, the prog button is no longer used so the programming sequence is slightly improved.


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Three different display formats can be used: Make sure the device ID of the DataFlash is in the table. Extclk is the specified frequency of the external clock of the target device.

Today I tried using CVM’s suggestion of using the mchpcdc.

I am not sure why you don’t want to use the latest inf from the MAL library, but here it is- mchpcdc. These basic commands can be used to easily build more complex routines.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? The users can save their modified script in another file through the Save file button. The API functions of the sam-ba DLL allow scanning, opening a connection and accessing registers as well as starting code execution at specified addresses. A forbidden address corresponds to an address outside the selected memory range address. If the users enter a forbidden address, or if the file size overruns the memory size, an error message will be displayed in the TCL Shell.

Hope this helps Steve. On your INF file, you should not specify the location of usbser. The results were the same.

SAM-BA In-system Programmer

So are Atmel dropping the Atm124 range of devices or are they going to support bit? Installation Menu Page Figure Essentials Only Agm6124 Version. I have purchased the EB kit two days back. An applet is usually a rather small program which can program a certain non-volatile memory device, or a family of devices. Installation License Page Figure Connect the biit to the computer via a USB port and power it up. Table shows the number of relevant ECC bytes per sector with different correcting capabilities.


Atmel makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this document and reserves the right to make changes to specifications and products descriptions at any time without notice. Y is the version number. Verifying file against specific valid catalog failed! Then, the user can use the send file, receive file and other scripts for this memory.

The applet code consists of: