Sorry for taking so long. Will Linksys USB work? This is, of course, a very crude test with a single exemplar of each type, so take it with several grains of salt. March 22nd, 5. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Support for this device at least the references I mentioned was added to Linux 2.

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RPi USB Ethernet adapters

Program for Embedded Linux Conference announced. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Unlike later, USB 1. So if you need additional data from it just say what you need, I am using Ubuntu This file was located in different directory according to your kernel version: Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Comment on this change optional.

How to open the gerber files of AXC demo board? However, I had to use apport without the non-working adapter plugged in another one in its placeso the hardware information would be wrong. Sorry for taking so long.


Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Bus Device Works ax88772c of the box without any setup. Tamale uictamale wrote on Supported by the same Linux driver and has a much more acceptable size, but customer reviews complain that its connector can break easily.

RPi USB Ethernet adapters –

I’ve been using the Belkin adapter since 6. As distributed with Zenbook Ultrabooks. Please contact the technical support of your AXC device manufacturer to obtain a proper driver.

Apple USB is OK but like most of the products it looks pretty but is 3 or 4 times the price of other similar devices! With last kernel there is no problem and adapter working fine. However, this product is bulky and quite heavy at least grams.

AN Ethernet chipset, pegasus driver, Max current mA. This way, we will know what chipset it has.

AX88772C — USB2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller with Microsoft AOAC Support

This method ofcourse does not require the Apple USB to Ethernet converter and works well if the right config option is enabled in the target kernel along with the correct ifcfg-usb0 settings on the Host machine. Ax87872c I said, I take the USB-ethernet dongle off and insert another, from another brand, and it works flawlessly. SMB test show approx mpbs. If the compilation is well, the asix.


I’m just a noob and I can’t get this to work. Thanks for the nice review!

[SOLVED] USB Ethernet Adapter won’t work

Views Read View source View history. Here are a few that we found:. If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: New USB device strings: He is always looking for ways to increase performance, reduce size and boot time, and to maximize Linux’ world domination.

Tested with and without powered USB hub. When I updated to