Hey Dm, what lead time did you get for ordering your stuff from DX? D I am releasing it to the public because I think all of the other owners of this joystick should have this privilege too! Tried again with this controller.. Maybe thats the deal, order and forget. In the process of getting samples so I can decide where I source them from and will then be selling “pre-hacked” USB, PS2 an maybe dual connection PCBs for what should be a very nice price. Most accessible retailers even in China, don’t offer free postage which defeats the purpose even if the controller is half price.

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I should have tested it before opening it. I wasn’t interested in paying middle men for pushing joyatick. So get right in there and start playing!

(SOLD) Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight stick w/ TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals

Chris, they were two controllers permanently attached to one cable. That’d be bloody right, they replied to me and said that because its after 30 days that I have to pay the postage both ways to return and to get a new one posted. I looked in the windows registry and I figured out what to do to get it working!


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That’s a huge saving! You Da Bess Test. It all looks good! Worked great till my sister tore it apart when she needed a powerboard and a 34cm tv one day Ironically, the ‘genuine’ ones are harder to hack because they’re higher quality, whereas most of the cheap ripoffs I’ve seen seem to have ‘hacking’ in mind such as the ones mentioned in this thread. If you’re debating whether to do a ‘keyboard hack’ or buy a dedicated encoder like an IPAC, then this USB controller hack is a very cheap and viable alternative joystck it is far easier to hack, far less time consuming, and suffers none of the ‘ghosting’ problems of keyboard hacks.

Bluetek Plug and Play 120 Game Controller

Thats the only advantage of using the two-in-1 I originally bought Those pads – no need to drill them, just solder right onto them. A bit of hot glue on the other side to hold onto the wire and take the stress off the solder joint would work wonders too!

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Bluetek Commander Oct 5, Hacked USB controller control panel. Some thanks or letting me know it works would be good BluetekDirectorGunner and hardroc I recently removed for testing and pictures and it works perfectly. There are of course utilities like joy2key?


I may have found the holy grail of controller hacks [Archive] – Aussie Arcade

Then apologize for talking back and give her a foot massage. Fair enough I guess except that its more than a cost of a new one However, I am selling because it doesn’t meet all of my needs.

And no, I bluegek use a retailer. Make a public post on these forums when you’ve got them ready, and I’ll start sending customers your way. Good stuff Elvis, though it still leaves the key question, of ‘are they easy to hack’, and we cant tell that without a single sample before a bulk order.

In a nutshell, if all you want is to interface your arcade controls with MAME and nothing else, and you’re able to use a soldering iron, this hack is a great option. It was free with the deal I got on New Egg at the time and profit isn’t something I was concerned about. There is minor wear of the branding on the joystick plate from 2 hours without mounts flying with it between my legs: