See the full specification here or the API quick reference card. I intentionally set up my shell to have black background with green text to mimic the look of the TRS monitor I got my start with. As soon as the SRAM issue is understood – uboot might be the first step in the direction of a dual linux system with a total of 3 cores Notify me of new comments via email. Literally no one else on the entire Internet feels that way.

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Broadcom releases SoC graphics driver source []

Opn was 3 years ago. Why do you explude it’s support from consideration? The ARM processor core has a high IPS per watt figure and thus dominates the mobile phone marketbut requires video acceleration coprocessors and broadckm controllers for a complete system.

As much as they are “open to criticism”, I very strongly doubt that they are going to use anything other than Broadcom. At some point, developers and manufacturers need to be paid for their work or innovation comes to a crashing halt.

PCs are vulnerable to tinkering and inadvisibly installed software. Archived from the original on 22 July Hence, it can be programmed in Assembly Language by definition.

The core target is unchanged – kids in the UK. Broadcom releases SoC graphics driver source [Posted February 28, by corbet]. You can fiddle with any of the software on a Pi and always get it back by replacing the SD card.


I’m not big fan of nVidia in general, but this time they were most definitely first. So yeah, Open Source is important.

The answer to full open sourcing is that it extends the lifetime of the thing as you can forever update the drivers to fit with the current kernel version.

The board is the size of a stamp and it talks serial. Posted Mar 1, 0: In some cases only decompression, only compression or both up to a certain resolution e.

VideoCore – Wikipedia

Why exactly does everything have to be open source? Look at how many references to “industry” the article quotes from representatives of the foundation.

Distributions – operating systems and development environments for the Raspberry Pi. What other kind of blob is there?

Broadcom releases SoC graphics driver source

I think you’ve missed what layer the education is targeted at: This is typical of any moderately complicated SoC, which has some kind of reset code baked into the chip and often runs on a CPU other than the main one slike a small uC core, though the bcmx chips used in the RPi are pretty unusual in booting on the Beoadcom.


That code tells it to load bootcode.

Posted Feb 28, The result looks kewl but unreadable. The power requirement is also higher. The fact that the foundation and Broadcom get their free goodwill from their claim of “for-the-sake-of-the-children” is the broaddom source of my ire.

However, the rpi-open-firmware project does make it so that every instruction which it is physically possible to replace everything after stage 1 can be replaced with assembly you wrote yourself.

Extended documentation available in the EGL Version 1. They are able to run pure assembly demos on the GPU.

Now there’s something that’s a really neat platform. Sure, it’d be nice to have open drivers, but so would having the RTL of the processor, and the netlist and gerber of the board. But to being able to run a 3D program without making use of any binary blobs, you’ll still need to develop replacement for the RTOS, including the initialization code, all subsystems and an OpenGLES implementation! What’s the difference between Tegra and other ARM chips?