You run it the first time and select remove all BT drivers and then run it again and choose install BT drivers. I had spent hours before hand fighting the camera to get it to work in a browser. Your other alternative is a dedicated hardware DVR. I just ran my installer again. Select each of the video composite inputs until you see a picture. If the beginning or end of the file is reached, the next clip on the clip list is automatically opened. Another really useful feature of these cards is their Linux and Zoneminder compatability.

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It seems geovision is popular on this forum. Built-in multithreaded web server; supports authentication.

Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Why not buy a cheap 4 channel PCI card like br878a Swann that comes with software and drivers and is supported locally. Take care till then LES….

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I was am looking at doing something similar myself with a couple of cameras hooked up to my iMac which is carrd sleep mode all day. I would have thought that those drivers would not work under WIn7, since they are bt878x and have not been updated in many years, from what I see on their web site. This card is a highly popular model for a number of reasons. Before you ask a question, or before you get upset by a response, see here: I just wish windows could see 4 inputs cause then my software blueiris could see it.


These images also will be used by the mobile client apps for alert notification.

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

The problem is the trial apps I have downloaded will not see my cameras!!! In conclusion this is a well supported card for Windows up to XP, when using the supplied software, and is ideal for Linux and Zoneminder as a 4 channel high frame rate capture device, but dont try and use this mid range card for applications that need Windows WDM drivers.

In fact Active webcam, H webcam, and Blue iris all have grayed out menus with bt cards. Its not meant to be a state of the art system, it just watches my workshop to stop scum form stealing my tools again.

All help and advice much appreciated!!!

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It might be above your price range but this is the sort of thing I had in mind for our home security. The support these cards has is exceptional and their low price still makes svr a highly viable choice for many uses today in CCTV and general electronic surveillance.

I would try btspy if i could get the software working.

It was labeled v1. Similarly, if you had to install an “English Pack” update then, again, it is illegal software.

Therein lies my question, is there any open source DVR software for Windows or even some cheap or even better free applications that are available? If you need maximum FPS across more bt878 you should use a card which provides a chip for each channel when using BTa chip cards. By stuffed in forum PressF1.


A new Schedule options page allows you to set a global schedule rather than each camera individually. By default Zoneminder captures at x Although the a has been around for a long while now, the support and versatility of this card makes it a constantly popular choice for developers, enthusiats and even beginners.

I will try an IP cam to see how it works. I finally heard back from the seller on Trade Me Control the speed of playback audio as well as vt878a and the audio volume.

Blue Iris – DVR Security/Webcam Software for PICO Cards

Security software is designed to run all the time and not be minimized. Last edited by berryb; at The card also has a row of alarm input pins along the top of the card which can be used to trigger recording and alarms from auxillary devices when used with the supplied software. This card is a clone of the Kodicom card.

When using the supplied Kodicom – DVR NET software this output can be switched to provide a composite video output of any of the 4 inputs, or it can be set to sequence between them with a selectable dwell time for each channel.