This is shown below: In fact, every planning function of your chart plotter is now easy to do on your PC. To customize the chart display, select the View menu at the top of the screen and then click on Settings. Virgins in the north to the Venezuelan coast in the south, and applied it to these charts. To update the V4. Raymarine neither produces nor sells cartography. C-MAP also enhances the official data with improved chart object display and additional features and information such as tides and tidal streams; ports; marinas; aerial photographs; etc.

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The Speed column allows you to input the desired speed, in knots, for each leg of the route. Route usbccc – St. Dragging the line to a new position and releasing the left hand mouse button will insert the waypoint and the route will be modified. I fully understand the piracy issue. At this stage, UserCards are not supported with this patch.

With 20 offices in 17 countries around the globe, C-MAP is a world leader in precision navigation serving the usbccc marine, professional fishing, commercial shipping, military and aviation markets with advanced charts and charting systems. Data Receiving mode is used to read waypoint data from the PC serial port. Two examples of the screen display are shown below. This reader is easily identified as it has “Jeppesen” included in its logo.

The floppy must be in C-MAP format. A dialog box will appear on screen.


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Having exhausted various routes to interrogate various cards – the one factor that limits it is the way the card and reader works. When we were using the printout of one of the routes in the cockpit, I removed it from a binder and put a spare companionway lock through one of the holes to prevent it from blowing overboard.

Upgrades SOB updates and upgrades are released regularly, check back frequently.

I believe that the likes of SOB are using a C-Map provided library – they certainly don’t have enough details to write something for a non-PC architecture having chatted with them about mac support.

I f SOB does not automatically display your cartridge-based charts on the screen, then one of the following reasons most likely applies: To locate the tide station selected. To delete a waypoint, click on the Del User point icon, move the cursor to the point to be deleted and left-click.

Under each window there are 4 icons, which allow the selection of locations where these files can be stored or copied to. To select which Route to view on the screen, simply check or uncheck the box next to the Route name on the left hand side of the window. It should also be noted that it is not possible to delete User points that are used in an existing route.

DigiBOAT Navigation Software

Nearest Obstructions Selecting Nearest Obstructions, the following pop-up window will be opened showing the nearest 10 obstructions: Towards the end of the installation procedure, the Install Wizard will prompt you to plug the Card Reader into the computer’s USB port. This will leave the waypoints on the screen, but will turn off the black line nr all of the waypoints. The BRG column refers to the bearing from the previous waypoint to the next.


cc-map Register your Trial SOB copy to increase the trial time, and to receive free email support for 3 months. To disable this function, select View on the menu bar. Yes, that’s how I do it at present but it is a pain. Move the cursor with the mouse and click to redraw the chart centered on the cursor position.

Is the spyware in Alcohol sinister? E-mail Address if applicable. Hayden and Tomahawk Islands.

MaxSea reads my UBCC card reader and shows – in full detail – all of the charts on my cards up to two at a time. C-MAP also enhances the official data with improved chart object display and additional features and c-mao such as tides and tidal streams; ports; marinas; aerial photographs; etc.


D Tip Editing of User points can either be done from the User points list above, by just editing the data in each field, or on the map screen, by holding down the Control key Ctrl and left-clicking on the User point.

To locate the port selected. It can be seen usbccc edited using Internet Explorer or one compatible application.