Perform a blur the opposite of sharpen with a threshold to minimize blurring on contrast edges. Compare to Minolta’s ScanUtil – it’s joke from user’s interface prospective. On the right side of the Preview window is the image preview area, which displays the prescanned image and shows the frame number at the top of the window. This is useful for correcting for the slight rotation we’ve sometimes found between film and mount on poorly mounted slides. The Reset button clears all changes. PrimeFilm isn’t a bad scanner – just different league, optically they still to work on it but they ICE3 works fine. A variety of measurement units are available, including pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

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CanoScan FS4000US

The scanner body is open on the front only, as the film holders are entirely contained within the xanon while scanning is in progress. As you hold the mouse over specific points in the image, a series of numbers reports the values for that spot in the image, showing the Red, Green, and Blue values that are make up the color under the cursor. Following are some typical times we recorded for various operations.

In any case, because of the flimsy plastic holders and the hazards involved in getting the scanner to grab the holder, I don’t think this scanner would be appropriate for a high volume, production shop. I’m fanatic about handling film, but the underpaid employees of local photo labs may not be. Current digital cameras approach 35mm in quality. So, every few minutes the user has to revisit the Nikon competitor machine and insert the next slide. Beneath the zoom tools are four image orientation tools, for rotating and flipping the image.

Custom Mode Clicking on the Custom mode button displays a pulldown menu of presets, with a range of resolutions and output formats to choose from.


It was hard to hold down the film while closing the clamshell, and the little ridges meant to guide the film laterally weren’t always where they needed to be to catch the ends of the scannef and keep it aligned.

The most successful methods ccanon infrared light to generate a “defect mask” that then guides sophisticated processing in the scanner’s firmware and software. While many manufacturers offer APS adapters for their scanners, it’s often nearly impossible to find them at retail, requiring that they be ordered direct from the manufacture.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US Scanner

There is no utility for the OS Version you selected. You can also look up error messages in the user guide. Use a mask if necessary to avoid blurring areas with important detail; grain is always more visible in skies and smooth areas than in textured areas.

The only hardware adjustment that actually affects the final scan, apart from cropping, is the exposure time normally set to Auto Gain. A 6 mp digital camera image is x pixels or some permutation thereof. If you scan a few images at a time, or aren’t overly concerned about high scanning throughput, the FSUS offers exceptional value. A 13 x 19 inch print is breathtakingly sharp; sharper than any conventional darkroom enlargement I’ve seen, and I’ve visited lots of galleries and museums.

The scanner is operated sanner within Photoshop, allowing immediate adjustment or editing of scannr images as soon as they’re acquired.

The only advantage that using the scanner software might have is if the scanner software worked at greater spide depth than the final output image. Best Selling in Scanners See all. Not only did the FS resolve more detail at the center of the frame than most scanners we’ve tested, but it was razor-sharp all the way to the corners as well.

I boosted the density of the middle and high tones somewhat. Locating and Installing Your Download When your download is complete please cnaon the instructions below to begin the installation of your download or locate your downloaded files on your computer.


As well as the usual controls over: After receipt of the replacement Product with instructions and a prepaid waybillfollow the enclosed instructions on how to ship your product to the Canon USA repair facility. I strongly recommend the following reviews, most of which contain details of scanner operation. Since I always do some editing on the image, I don’t need them to look perfect at scan time; the loss of convenience is not significant to me.

It was a bad custom ICC profile. This is a 35mm film scanner of course, so it does not scan prints or medium or large format slides and negatives. OPERATION all in color mode Dust Removal OFF Dust Removal ON Standard Dust Removal ON Strong Calibration done once at startup 33s 33s 33s Thumbnail scan 4 slides 15s 15s 15s Preview scan 38s 54s 54s dpi 24 bit full frame scan of mounted slide x pixels 4m 01s 6m 28s 6m 38s dpi 42 bit full frame scan of mounted slide x pixels 4m 13s 6m 45 6m 58s It’s interesting to note that scan times don’t depend on whether the scan is done at 24 bit color depth or 42 bit color depth.

Canon CanoScan FSUS film scanner

Help Menu The Help menu accesses an information screen reporting specifics about the FSUS’s software version and copyright information. Image tones before adjustment look slightly nicer. The dpi images are clearly sharper than dpi, about as much as the calculations predict. It saves an enormous amount of time, even though still go over the image at 1: