Mac OS X Interface: The bottom line Before the Perfit mouse, I was using a plain old rounded optical mouse with one of those horrible wrist pads. Clicking a Contour mouse, in my experience, is not much more difficult than forming the thought to do so. On the bottom of a Contour Mouse, there are five smooth feet. Maintains a straighter wrist alignment and minimizes Lateral Deviation.

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If you opened this page from outside the ErgoCanada. If you require one of our ergonomic chairs and are unsure which model and features you require then please complete our POSE Form below.

Perfit Mouse Optical – no scroll wheel. Consequently, I was for the first time obliged to use a mouse pad with my Contour mouse.

Contour Perfit Mouse

After the first week, it was killing me, and I had no idea why; this very same model of mouse had served me well for two and a half rigorous years at my previous employment. Balances the hand in a neutral, tilted posture.

Select image to view: One grain mojse sand cotour ruin your life You will not, to my knowledge, find this in the Contour literature, but some time ago I learned a very important lesson regarding this mouse. Complete the form below to request an E-mail when this item arrives back in stock. Multiple sizes for both left and right hands to see a hand-size chart, click here. By keeping the wrist straight, the Contour Mouse takes away some mechanical control, but so little, in my opinion, that only Photoshoppers who often work at the pixel level would notice.


To click a normal mouse, you curl the end of your finger.

Perfit Mouse Optical by Contour Design – Detailed Product Description

Contour Design Sizing Guide. The Perfit mouse is all about eliminating small motions performed by small, weak parts of the body, and replacing them perfiy big motions that can be handled by our beefier groups of muscles and tendons.

Our POSE form takes your body measurements and clinical details which enables us to specify a chair model suited to you and your needs. With the PMO, the mouse is meant to perfectly fit your hand, not your hand the mouse. I take a right-hand, large, which is probably the most common size; however, for people with unusually beefy or unusually tiny hands, the availability of extra-large and extra-small could be vital.

Because the fingers are not poised in preparation to click, the ‘clicking’ fingers remain relaxed, outstretched and supported at all times. Buttons are elevated and shaped to reduce excessive load on the fingertips. I mentioned before that this mouse was heavily used. In addition, the Contour optocal was significantly more positively rated for ease of use, comfort, and design. Like the end of a whodunit, the identity of the culprit hit me one day out of the blue.

Perfit Mouse Optical

Right up front, you should be aware that the Contour Design Perfit Mouse has been my main pointing device for a number of happy years. Clicking a Contour mouse, in my experience, is not much more difficult than forming the thought to do so. Checkout Now Continue Shopping. Please bookmark this site and check back often, as we continuously add new products and update product information.


Contour Perfit Mouse Optical Large – mouse – PS/2, USB Overview – CNET

This design principle is just good ergonomics put to effective use. No Need to Grip – This design means that the force of gravity on ooptical hand alone provides all the control required to move the mouse; there is no need to grip the mouse.

Please refer to these tables Drivers available: Need to speak with an expert? In my case, I have to use a Wacom graphics tablet for certain pixel-perfect work. After testing and flunking various chair arm changes and silly collections of foam pads, I decided to try and replicate my last known working situation by getting a smooth, polished board the size of a mouse pad to simulate a proper desktop.

Before the Perfit mouse, I was using a plain old rounded optical mouse with one of those horrible wrist pads. Perfit Mouse Optical – proper hand positioning, side view. The Perfit Mouse Optical from Contour Design is an ergonomic mouse designed for workstations that require above average clicking or cursor movement.

Multipe Sizes for both Left and Right Hands: Perfit Mouse Optical M right hand without scroll wheel.