I found a summary by someone of what the key attributes of the fakes are and the clubs I got fit these to a T. He is not on the Adams authorized list. Only 95, businesses — or 0. To me TaylorMade clubs feel hot off the face and I only felt that from the 2. I bought a D3 Titleist online. The heads are fake, the shafts are fake much too light flex , and the grips are fake.

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Taylormade R11s 3 Wood. Real or Fake?

As with the heads and shafts of the clubs, the colors will most of the time be a little off. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Do you think any would notice that the clubs might not be percent genuine?

I tried these clubs and loved them. Bought a set of Mizuno jpx pros which were stamped forged,not Pros I questioned Mizuno Australia about this who told me this counterfwit the Japanese model. I was really hoping for a set of white forged blades, imagine the old Taylor Made Z TP blades with a slick white paint job?! I guess once they ran out of futuristic forms they have to go back counterfeiy ugly. Do not know what to believe … Find no complaints when I search on the Internet.


OKAY, After reading through these endless amounts of complaints and questions I thought I would give everyone a rule-of-thumb:. I was looking at buying another iron set on ebay tayloramde I found a couple different listings on there that are selling ping and taylormade iron sets that seemed ridiculously low. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

But the club manufacturers are not in a good spot. Package xounterfeit when received?

Guys — unfortunately we did not investigate enough before buying R9 clubs from the site http: But with the tour presence Taylormade has…they can roll over a new club to all their pro staff in the blink of an eye. Is rock bottom golf a good site for cheap golf clubs.

Instead look at something they might have had to write themselves. It would appear English is not the first language of the author. How many more need to ask if top quality irons and drivers can be found at less than half the cost as everywhere else??? Ahh, you think that price is cheap on the internet? Some retailers resorted to purchasing lots of watches needed to get the volume discount, but not being able to sell at the price they were required. Has anyone bought from this site. There prices are much lower then any others I have seen.


It read exactly as follows: I finally got half my money back and kept the club. I am still shooting in the range same as my old Intech set.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

All very genuine, especially the can openers. On this forum you should make it that the most recent comments show up first instead of the other way around.

I think we can safelf add http: This counterfeit grip was a design used on TaylorMade Irons from several years earlier. Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? When can you find the best deals in golf equipment?

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

They are very good, extremely creative and incredibly hardworking. I looked at yahoo reviews and some of them said very good products!

This was on the list. Does anybody have any experience with golfwholesalemarket.