This left us a black depth of 0. Click for larger versions Height adjustment is a little stiff too, but is again smooth and easy to manoeuvre, offering a very good range of adjustment again. Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating. The screen was also tested using the chase test in PixPerAn for the following display comparisons. Power Consumption Stand by. Light AG coating a positive change providing clean and clear images, without the unwanted reflections of a glossy solution.

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Dell P2714H

We were expecting an LG. Tablets by David Katzmaier Nov 26, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

There was some slight gradation in darker tones and some very slight banding introduced in dark tones due to the adjustments to the graphics card LUT from the profilation of the screen.

To be honest there was nothing too severe, and certainly nothing you could spot during normal uses day to day. Default settings of the screen were as follows: A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: Unfortunately, such is not always the case in practice.

Information about the brightness of the screen. Mechanical Display Position Adjustments.

While competitively priced compared with other professional grade screens, there is of course still a demand for the more “regular” IPS screens with standard gamut backlights and at a lower retail cost. The response time performance overall was close to the specified 8 ms G2G figure. Very often the manufacturer provides the response time for transition from grey-to-grey G2G.


Dell PH Review – TFT Central

The screen behaves as it should in this regard, with a reduction in the luminance output of the screen controlled by the reduction in the OSD brightness setting. Full HD p x at 60 Hz. Brightness Information about the brightness of the screen. The Dell SL and UM showed nice low levels of motion blur and the moving image was a little sharper than on the P series screens here. Default Static Contrast Ratio. We suppose the question for many will be “is it better than the PH model?

You do also really miss the desktop real-estate when coming from a x screen to this. Size class Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared, with the best case example shown on the left, and worst case example on the right.

27″ Dell PH – Specifications

In addition to this, the monitor provides excellent picture quality with a high 2 million: On screens that size the resolution is arguably a little too high and text is a little too small, but on a 27″ diagonal sized screen we personally think it is a bit too low. It should be noted that the brightness regulation is controlled by Pulse Width Modulation at a frequency of Hz.

From the side the screen offers a pretty thin profile thanks to the use of W-LED backlighting. In all cases these other screens are using TN Film panels and are aimed primarily at gamers.


This helps reduce power consumption compared with older CCFL backlight units and brings about some environmental benefits as well. I have no complaints at all about this monitor at all. As a side note, some users reported a “cross hatching” appearance on the 27″ UHM screen, where on very close inspection you could detect a small grid like effect as part of the coating.

However, this is contrary to a lot of old IPS based screens which usually feature a grainy and aggressive solution.

Dell P2714H 27″ Full HD 1080p LED Backlit IPS LCD Monitor

This might be good for those with any kind of eye sight issues, and for those who prefer a larger text size for a lot of web and text based work. Light AG coating a positive change providing clean and clear images, without the unwanted reflections of a glossy solution. Height-adjustable stands, tilt, swivel, and built in cable-management.

Might have been nice to keep this up to date with them perhaps. We wanted to test here how uniform the brightness and colour temperature was across the screen, as well as identify any leakage from the backlight in dark lighting conditions.