Skip to main content. The battery overheats and i have to use a heat mat because it is really really hot, and the battery life, a most 30 mins. Now here is my beef. Very glad I happened to find this blog. HP announced today that there may be hardware issues with some not all with their HP Pavilion dv and dv, and their Compaq v series notebooks. I came across the magic fix for awhile the ribbons to both power button and the quickplay button are an engineering nightmare.

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This was all fine and dandy, and I was willing to forget it all if ehernet problem was fixed. Does anyone know if this is something that HP would have to support since the Vista operating system came with my computer or is something you have to deal with directly with Microsoft?

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My DV is about 1 or 2 months out of the 1-yr warranty, and low and behold, wake up this morning and screen is blank. The laptop shuts down at least once every days now and I have to sit there for literally an hour taking the battery in and out for it to finally start up again. He also wants HP to return any money it has collected thus far to repair the defective computers.

In reply to LemP’s post on July 9, From what I have read on this site, a few of you have sent yours in and received them back in record time.


Now that is where my training lies…political economy…. I was very happy with it on the outset, just coming to the expiration of the guarantee, it failed to start, all i got was beeps.

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Oh, and, google search the class action suits against HP… thats a start to get what you paid for. My laptop was not on their list of hp enhanced warranty because I have an Intel CPU but I had the same type of problem with no video display. Contaced Hp manager asking for refund on both.

Then download the needed drivers from the support page.

Hi Michael, Have you made any changes to the computer recently? This is off topic but I am sure you guys can help me. Presumely, your old computer and new etthernet have the same software installed on it, and the same software could be causing the the same problem. You might want to try restoring your notebook to factory defaults.

Tried all the usual HP reset items. Yes, it is possible if you have a Desktop computer, dv900 may be able to do it yourself. I contacted Ethernef and stated that I was having the problem, they stated for me to backup my pc and they will send in the materials to ship it back.

Hi, i performed the final instruction only Last night it happened again the screen went blank and beeped.

how to fix ethernet issue on HP Pavillion dv6000 Laptop

I removed the panel and tried reseating the RAM modules, tried removing one module and starting etheenet notebook, tried one module in each slot…. The bottom of it over heats.


After 14 days, i called and they informed me that they had bought the wrong parts and needed to order more parts and another 14 days went by. What can I do?

HP Pavilion Dv9000 Wireless WiFi Network Card Bcm94321mc 434661-001

Blue lights blink for a sec and nothing. I hope this computer comes back repaired in full, or at least they send it back to China and give me a gift card to buy another laptop of better quality…wishful thinking. She gave me another number to ring out of warranty help line. I have a Laptop since sept ,hp rv9000 dv and today morning it does not startthe light is on but nothing happen ,like it try to start but it stop suddenly.

I reinstalled the audio drivers and the BIOS driver and was still without sound. Talk to a supervisor if you have to. At any dv900, one thing I will give them right now is that they have been very quick in turning the service time around. He said the expected turnaround time is days. At any rate, I now have other issues that fall under the same problems with this model.