Instead of frequent switches to new systems, your elmeg PABX system can now grow with you in an economically efficient manner. Mixed operation multiple device or PBX connection. Also suitable for the provision. Modular ICT system – maximum 20 participants. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present.

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Telephone Systems (Pbxes)

Batteries must not be placed in garbage be disposed of. Haben Sie etwas zu verkaufen?. Technical Fields Links Resources Accessories.

How long will it take my books to arrive?. Gewerbetreibende und nicht an Verbraucher. Mixed operation multiple device or PBX connection. Warning tone for missing DECT range.

Show only see all. The three S0 buses are firmly connected as internal S0, the fourth can. Microphone mute during a connection. Expandable with TFE module. Modular system with 16 to 32 ports.


Open listening, hands-free calling from the handset. HAM – Hobbyists Item. Part Number SP MMC 4 F The module is automatically detected after mounting of the PBX.

Additional modules for switching contact, emergency operation of a ISDN phones in case of power failure, or door intercom systems can be connected as well. Ringer mute at the handset. Suitable for following systems. Product Description The modular system concept for expansion up to 34 ports.

Identical to the T-concept XI Picking up a call with grouping. Modular ICT system – maximum 20 participants.

Elmeg ICT46 –

This ensures that the elmeg ICT PABX systems can be smoothly elmsg seamlessly integrated into and grow with the communication structure of your company.

ICT router module slot Overvoltage protection module. The highly modern bit digital technology of the elmeg ICT PABX systems is ready for the required computing power to handle all ports of the maximum module expansion layout right from the factory.


System has been reset elmge the factory settings! Speakerphone Yes digital duplex. From a 2 key extension a power adapter is required.

Connection to Up0 ports can be easily made icy46 an optional Up0-S0 converter. Rapid commissioning without cable works with the multiple adapter ISDN. Subscribe to our Newsletter Enter your email address for updates about interesting new technologies, product and solutions.

Elmeg ICT46

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