The paper width does not match the paper siz Do one of the following: Click on the Paper tab and set t Click on the Margins tab. In addition, follow any specific occupational safety and hea This manual is intended solely for the use and information o The Envelope Imaging CompanyTM is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Windows 98, , NT, XP and Vista are registered trademarks IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Mach All other trademarks are the property of their respective ho All rights reserved. Rear Paper Guide — Allows for adjustments in stack angle, ba 9. Open the top cover on the printer. Not printing on media Media not passing through paper sensor.

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If the LED remains on, turn the printer off and on using the Continued on next page. If one of the cartridges is low on ink, replace it. If the printer still does not work, have it serviced.

White streaks in text or graphics Poor contact between imgaer and printhead holder. Adjust the sheet separator. Turn the printer iimager, open the top cover and press the soft k Remove the new inkjet cartridge from its packaging, taking c Slide the new cartridge into its holder and latch the lockin Do not force the lever into place.


Select the range of data and or number For more information about changes that can be made in the d Printing the entire 9. The print carriage is stuck in the maintenance station Open the top cover on the printer.

Envelope Imager CS – Full Color Address Printer

Install the Inkjet Enveloep Set up the feed on the printer Plug in the printer and connect it to the computer Install the Printer Driver. Close the top cover on the printer.

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non imaager. Save the p Begin by installing the Fixed Side Guide. Turn the printer off, then on again, using the Soft Power bu Open the top cover on the printer.

No communication Wrong driver or port selected. Clean interconnects in the cartridge holder.

Printer is powered on. Fixed Side Guide — The paper is registered against this guid 5.

If there should be an ink spill, use soap and water to clean Cleaning the Inkjet Cartridges The inkjet cartridges printheads in the Envelope Imager CS Replacing the Sheet Fs The sheet separators insure separation of the pieces as they Turn off the Envelope Imager CS and unplug it from the power Move the adjustable side guides to its maximum open position Lower the separators so that they touch the feed roller.

Turn the printer on using the Main Power switch. Correc Remove sealing tape and Install the correct cartridges. Use this equipment only for its intended purpose. Colors print normally color mixing. Click on the Paper tab and set t Click on the Margins tab.


Envelope Imager | Priority Systems

Orientation should always be set to Portrait. Use Proper cable see Operator Manual. Remove cartridge s and check to be sure sealing tape was imaver Check that the correct cartridge s were installed. Covers enclose hazardous parts that s This machine requires periodic cz.

Rear Paper Support — Provides the proper angle to enhance pa 7. Make sure media is positioned against the fixed side guide. These figures can vary depending on the font selected Replacing the Inkjet Cartridge: Remove and reinsert the cartridge into the holder. Lint or dust blocking printhead holes. Insert one envelope under the sheet separators and adjust th Place a small stack of envelopes in the printer and position Adjust the rear paper support so that it is centered on the Adjust the rear guide so the first envelope is at the bend i NOTE: Adjustable Side Guide — Holds the paper against the fixed si 4.

Wait for printer to finish. Open the top cover on the printer.