This will keep your location or vehicle on the map at all times. Routes You can create specific routes and save them to be navigated at a later time. During the daytime, the background of the map is light brown. Map Orientation This allows you to switch between North up and Track up. However, in our archives you can download nRoute here Driving Directions After an autoroute is selected, you can get text directions on this page with leg time and distance. What I bought is https:

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GPS receiver (G with USB interface) not recogniced by Garmin nRoute software – u-blox forum

At night, it is black. All three use binoculars as the icon, with small variations depending on which option you want. I do like the feature of an address that updates constantly on this page. You can also cut and paste tracks or waypoints from MapSource. Find Options There are three find options, including find by name, find nearest and recently found places. Very similar to the voice in the c3xx Street Pilot series. Because you have to have MapSource to use mroute, most users will already have a basic understanding of how to operate the program.

Find Toolbar This is where you can select an address, city or point of interest to navigate. There is no route tool, like in MapSource, where a user can drag a line from point to point to create a route.


Garmin GPS 18 USB With Nroute Navigation Software | eBay

Please log in or register to answer this question. The Icon is the play button symbol, like on a tape or CD player. As seen in other forum threads, you should also research thoroughly before a purchase –check out the integrity of the source distributor of leftover stock from unnamed manufacturers or registered reputable source of u-blox products and the provenance of the product who built the board, is the u-blox module real, etc.

To see the limited uses of nRoute and what it can do for you, if you do not have a GPS unit which autoroutes or have City Select software installed on your laptop, click here. These can be customized in the Preferences, under Info Bar.

Garmin GPS 18 USB With Nroute Navigation Software

Also uses ETA for your destination. Waypoints You can create and save waypoints to be used in future navigation. Status Page Compass Shows speed, heading, elevation as well as guidance text. You can select Routing Tab in Preferences, to specify, which type of vehicle you are in such as a car, taxi, bicycle and to avoid certain roads, such as toll roads, unpaved roads, etc.

Options are day, night or automatic. Tracks You can save your track as you travel in nRoute.

You can select each tab by using the mouse or with an F key. Thanks fpr the link. Icon is a stop sign. You cannot download information from your GPS into nRoute, with the exception of the track data it records while connected to nRoute. Voice Guidance Languages NRoute has eleven languages available; the software for the language is available for download in the nRoute area at Garmin.


There is a warning message before a turn and a final message. Trip Computer This includes data that is found with most Garmin automobile navigators and keeps track of a trip odometer, average speed, moving time, etc.

The icon is a right hand arrow.

I will further Research Garmin forums. User can also choose the size of the triangle in Preferences under the Display tab.

Similar to MapSource, nRoute allows for waypoints, tracks, points of interest, addresses and more, but is primarily for navigating and tracking in real time. It also shows the next street you are approaching. Most are similar to MapSource, such as the tools and edit toolbars, find options and view buttons.

Updates & Downloads

There is also the option of Route Guidance and Status, Guidance Only or you can only get vocal directions if you prefer, upon demand by tapping the space bar. No blue bars in GPS info of navigation software which indicate a fix, but there is a fix. There are up to 16 waypoint categories available as well. The name “G” is not a u-blox product name.