Hardware 1 and firmware version 2. I then tried the button “reset to defaults”. This manual is only for your reference. Works OK after I sorted out a problem. The server leads are too short to reach the Naza.

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Io non sono per nulla esperto e ho capito subito come funziona. Tested with GoPro 2 and works perfect and smooth.

I’m using a Veho Muvi K2 and it works a treat! If you’re not afraid to research its use and buy a product with no instructions, this is fantastic value.

As mentioned before there is no instruction manual. Need to go through the net to find info. Also when the drone is gimabl perfecttly still the motors are humming and you can feel the gimball vibrating. It would not operate smoothly on a 3 Cell LiPo. Any one solution website for general, non-expert users like me?

DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

Absolutely no jittering or noise when operating. Pitch cable IS provided – its possible to connect to the NAZA P2 pin without disassembling the Phantom by feeding it thru a slot at top of battery compartment. Maybe the best brushless gimbal in this price range.


It may be important to you. What is the right Firmware and GUI?

brushless gimbal –

Gimball was not complete: Excellent value Please read the manual before you use it. Remember to alter the gain settings of your Phantom as the added weight at the front will cause it to lurch forward on take-off.

You can find information on the web but it is not readily available. Order tracking Shipping notice Site Products Tags. Really Easy to use and install.

3 axis gimbal –

Accelerometer is hot glued to camera mount. This videos how to control the Tilt gimbal with your radio!! Looks like goofluckbuy initializing but does not balance and motors are DEAD. Works OK after I sorted out a problem. If you don’t understand let someone who knows at least how to install the driver and GUI software set it up for you.

Fast DHL delivery with tracking. Powered by balance connector – goodluc,buy are long enough, but you need to Dremel a slot in the battery cover.


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3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount with 32bit Storm32 Controller for Gopro 3 4 FPV Black

I received this godluckbuy 3 business days after it shipped yes I live in America. Easy mount and setup. Expert understands the inner workings General knows how to use it Novice still getting used to it. Play with the Naza Assistant for your Phantom.

Would be a great gimbal if it was made well. This gimbal keeps my GoPro 3 White perfectly level at all times.

After about 20 hours of hand held use, has started stuttering horizontally!