Inspectors — ChromaChecker Tools. However, I recently tried to read a target with the SpectroScan to create a new printer profile, and the device failed and returned an error. Measuring remission, transmission and emission. Leading European marketplace for used machines. However, after searching the internet for as long as I could handle, I was still empty-handed. Idealliance Control Wedge.

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None of the above changes had any affect in resolving the problem. Large Format Printer Benchmark.

When I attempted to read a target recently, MeasureTool gave me an error: When I told my teacher, I think he felt a little foolish. With this information, I knew each pins designation, which allowed me to measure for power at the gretagmacbegh connector that the SpectroLino plugs into.

Your contact seems to be inactive. How to measure substrate?

Take a clean cloth and wipe off the rails which you just applied silicone to. Tried several different USB cables. After testing the cables, the good news was that each circuit on both cables tested good for continuity. He did say, however, that he would contact a colleague in the UK that may be of help.


GretagMacbeth SpectroScan T x/y table Repair | Bodenzord

I knew it was a long shot, but I reached out to tech support at X-Rite and inquired about getting the necessary documents.

It can be positioned exactly on colour and paper charts for accurate hand measurements. Machineseeker app for iPhone and Android. Contents 1 Disclaimer 2 Maintenance for SpectroScan tables 2. Suspecting corrosion as the cause, I doused the board with DeoxIT and scrubbed it clean. Includes exactly as shown in picture with a power supply.

Harmonizer — How It works? Anyway, with my SpectroScan, the power supply wiring harness had seven wires: In some cases you may need to access the inner workings of the table. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Either way, I was unaware of any repair company to help me, so I was forced to attempt the repair myself. Color Library, Color Palette. GretagMacbeth SpectroScan White 3.

Sending something back without first receiving a valid RMA number will exclude you from receiving credit.

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The front control panel circuit board mounts underneath the top surface of the SpectroScan table:. Sell your Machines quickly and Profitably with Machineseeker!


Machineseeker Trust Seal What is the spectrkscan If I had had a silver conductive pen on hand, that probably would have worked, but without one, I opted gretafmacbeth install a bodge wire instead. Once processed, the command is passed to the stepper motor controller, which then sends a signal to a specific motor to move in one direction or another.

Spectrolino Product Support

In fact, they are no gretagmacbeh around because they were purchased and taken over by X-Rite many years ago, who also no longer supports the SpectroScan. Rotated X, B Targets. Tried resetting the SpectroLino as outlined on page 17 of the User Guide.

Your contact is typing. To get access to the rails you will need to remove the cover off the upper unit that wpectroscan forward and back across the top of the table.