With the Accra shaft, it is also more forgiving and accurate. When you increase launch you introduce changes to both spin and ball speed that could work against the total distance. Again i had my previous driver for years. Giving us information to help us make better decisions about our equipment. Steel shafts, persimmon heads, down the middle of the fairway yrds. Test is basically faulty. Robot can be set to swing at different speeds Right?

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You also have to remember that by the time the ball hits the ground a lot of the spin is gone. Jon Brittan 2 years ago. It taylormadd to me after a couple of seasons of full-time use, something is lost.

For testing, stock shaft v.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I love to shape my shotsim normally a conservative and try to use straight flight and play ball placement but i started to learn to Draw and Fade and supeequad realized these are very fun and usefull shots to play but i just dont understand how to allow this Club to draw or fade for me Set the club up for a higher trajectory shot by placing the heavy weights toward the back of the clubhead.

I understand now its not the equipment but the golfer behind the equipment! Like to see what the difference is for submph swingers looks like, where a large portion of golfers swing.


Jericho 2 years ago. One amazing feature of the M1 is the way you can cut spin by moving the weight forward.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Lance Warheit 2 years ago. Please try again later!

If I can get guys there, nobody is ever disappointed. There still around I bought one in the wrapper 6months ago. But I found it easier to hit than the M1 Until I changed to a fujukura x-shaft. Dunny Budgie 2 years ago. The TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad driver performed well, but I just did not like the all over back look, including the face. And play these shafts at standard length.

My issue is that the ball seems to go too high, and I lose roll out. It is forgiving, long and i can honestly say changed me from a long but occasionally wild player to a straight, long and confident one who is thinking birdie on even the longest par fours.

Of course this is all dependant on my swing consistency but having said this; you have to do something drastically wrong to at least hit it straight. At the time, my I was struggling mightily with my swing, and that was a 20 handicap swing when it was working.

All titanium construction replaced by a muli-material amalgamation of metal and composite. We can take out clubs with us when we go for a weekend away and play a round of golf together.


His putting was spotty but his performance overall pretty solid. The technology is vastly different than the days of the Cleveland Launcher which was awesome in its day.

With typical driver launch angles, low spin means less carry. Lol, in the back of my mind still today! JDharma 2 years ago. William Tyler 2 years ago. We simply test product and the data and results are what they are.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver Review

Of something that has changed more over the years than the head COR limited by USGAshafts materials, profiles and consistently have changed significantly.

But do you realise that the 14 yard improvement is over a 10 year period. Someone like Rich Hunt will tell you that playing your second shot from the fairway is more important for amateurs than professionals — particularly if you play on course with penal rough. I guess I would be interested in a test where you use the modern shaft in the old head and the supperquad shaft in the modern head.

Loved my shame that its now illegal.