I explained how to backup data in the following post: Both the and the had many issues. I checked the device manager and it said that everything is working. There are two hard drive bays. Also I have worked on internals before just never done a HD swap myself just graphics boards, power supplies, and memory sticks. At the beginning of the install, did you delete all of the existing partitions?

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Changed bricks still no charging. But if I remove the hard drive and leave the hard drive caddy will that remove all of my personal information.

Maybe your laptop qualifies for that repair? Pull it out and boot without so your system does not see it, shut down then re-seat the dvd drive firmly then boot again, shut down restart selecting dvd as boot device. What should I do to fix it?

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv9000

Eric, I answered your question here http: I tried a system restore once and it worked until i played the game again. So, all I need to do is just remove the hard drive as shown above correct?

Its system software that worries me. Any information would be helpful. If both screens do not work properly, there is a problem with the graphics card. Vv9700 will pull it all apart this weekend to make sure all the connectors are plugged in properly, but sure seems like there might be a cable running under the keyboard that runs up to the keyboard bezel that could be damaged?


Worked OK on batteries but actually had to plug it back in to finish the movie. According vv9700 diagnostics on the laptop, the keyboard is in working order, despite that I cannot use that key. I just checked different sources and they all say your laptop can handle only 2GB RAM dv700 but… you never know until you try. You are posting a reply to: You may have to select you OS in the dropdown box. Take a look inside the network port.

There are two hard drive bays.

OEM HP Pavilion Dv Series Laptop Lightscribe DVD R/rw Burner Optical Drive | eBay

My wife was d9v700 I connected power supply and pressed power button and still got the same thing. This looks really helpful and useful — I may yet need it! Have a great day, you certainly made mine! The battery still seems to run the rest of the machine OK for over an hour, though, and that used to include the wireless connection working OK as well.


More video ram will boost the laptop performance. D9700 i do not qualify. Looking for a recovery disk for HP?

I could really use some help here. I posted more details instructions in this data recovery guide. Is this repairable or do I need to swap out the motherboard?

OEM HP Pavilion Dv9700 Series Laptop Lightscribe DVD R/rw Burner Optical Drive

I tried to do a system recovery from my recovery disks. I remove it and it works fine now thanks.

You have two memory modules installed, right? My Hp dvz cannot boot windows. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET’s great community. Ok I have a question I have one of the HP dv laptops that they will be replacing BUT since the time I first filed for replacement the darn thing wil bot power up and one of the hinges must have broke.