The error is returned when Raise Error is processed using ICommand:: The default is MS Compatible. When a consumer creates a session, the session is in autocommit mode, and is not part of a transaction. Your reply will be much appreciated. Specifies the name of the database to which you want to connect. Your email address will not be published. Open Management studio and connect to the SQL Server Instance Expand Server Objects in object explorer and right click on Linked Servers folder and then click on New Linked server in the menu as shown below New Linked server window will popup, fill all the details required.

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I am interested in an ADO.

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You can change these defaults by reconfiguring your data source. Separate multiple commands by commas. The default is English. Specifies the name of the server that provides the Sybase connection failover capability. I am trying to execute the stored procedures in below ways. Connect to SSMS and open a new query window and type the query to retrieve datas from Sybase linked server.


New ASE OLE DB Provider by Sybase

When set to Warnings Only, Raise Error is handled separately from surrounding statements. Can you please teach me how did you solve it?

Install the Sybase driver from the downloaded setup. New features introduced in Adaptive Server When set to Warnings Only, all print statement errors are sent back to the user as a warning and are not treated as a separate result set. Specifies the default logon ID used to connect to your Sybase database. Specifies the amount of error information to be olevb.

The primary purpose of a session is to define a transaction.

Network Protocol Specifies the name of the Sybase netlib to use for application communication. The initial default is 0; quoted identifiers are not supported. Specifies the path name of the Interfaces file. Ekbal, Have you resolved the issue?

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Thank you very muuch. Susanne — You need to install 64 bit sybase driver and not 32 bit. Select a value that determines whether stored procedures are created on the server for every call to ICommand:: Download the “Get a Free “Developer” Edition” from http: When set to 0 the initial defaultthe Sybase data provider uses the default packet size as specified in the Sybase server configuration.


Thanks for your answer Vidhya.

Hopefully the provider will be included with the database, or free. Specifies an integer value that specifies the time, in seconds, to wait for initialization to complete. So you can see that whilst you are right the ODBC driver can be used, it is not what I am looking for.

Sybase Support for OLE DB and ODBC

Hi I have checked the datatypes they are simialr. Select whether print statements are sent back to the user as separate result sets. Insall can get it on Nuget: The initial default is 50 rows.