Is it expected behavior? Dmitry, see my comment here. The device info and path might change after host upgrade with the driver switch which led to this kind of problem. You can find the explanation below from other blogs which explains the points of descriptions and considerations. But I don’t know whether Fault Tolerance is the solution or not because I haven’t got shared storage. Ez-Aton January 6, at

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Its just the SSD thats not being recognised. Again, my most sincere thanks! Anonymous November 25, at 3: I’m just not getting if the bug is in the ESXi kernel or in the Marvell firmware. It creates a full, standalone VM from the source and then applies whatever storage policy you wish which then protects the object according to policy.

Szabocls Illes March 18, at 1: Anonymous December 6, at 2: For example, some permissions needed to be applied on Patsbuurg level first and more specific permissions needed to be applied on host level, storage pastburg, resource pool level, and so on.


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Though, in the ESXI 5. Thanks so much for your work patsbhrg getting this working and helping everyone with issues they are having. El archivo especificado no es un disco virtual.

Hi Anonymous, this controller is supported out-of-the-box. Your explanation are great Thank you very much.

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Has anyone faced like this issue before. VM report including custom group membership? I have Esxi 5. I have a question.

Anonymous November 30, at Contrkller Andreas Could you please add support for the following: Any insight on this thing?

I did a google search to resolve this and found your blog. Hi Jorge, see my comment here. Shawn February 19, at 8: Samuel Price November 12, at 6: With the following IDs: The file specified is not a virtual disk. However, I will download your version and give it a try. Although the problem is corporatioon I am curious on how ESXi works.


ahcu I did the instructions you suggested within the installation console and here are the results. Check with “esxcli software vib list grep xahci” Andreas. If I had seen your comment earlier, I would have tried 6. Dmitry November 16, at 8: Anonymous December 12, at 4: Unfortulately I have planned to use VT-D Assigning this controller to a VM may work.

But OK, I have some doubt that Asrock can do here something because as far as I see, it’s not their fault but the problem is linked to Marvell.