I chose the 1. The touchpad is quite large, and has a dedicated scrolling region to its right. I ordered my system on November 28, For anyone with a inch LCD flat panel, the These values are far below the danger thresholds, and the stability of the temperatures is a testament to the power of this cooling system.

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The KN1 has a tiny slot on the underside next to its battery that is supposedly for a Bluetooth transmitter. It may not be the flashiest notebook, but it has plenty of power to run most games, but it is also quite portable and practical to use as a mobile computer for productivity work. The KN1 is sold through various resellers, who configure and assemble it. If you have no interest in playing intensive games, and want more battery life, the KN1-GM model with integrated graphics will probably get substantially better battery life since the GeForce Go consumes a fair amount of power.

1GB Quanta Quanta KN1 Notebook DDR SODIMM Overview – CNET

The graphics card is anywhere from 42 C and 62 C. These values are far below the danger thresholds, and the stability of knn1 temperatures is a testament to the power of this cooling system. My KN1 has served me well through a month of exams, and it will serve me well for a week of sloth and game-playing.

The KN1 has an 8-cell, 71WHr battery pack. Rick at ISTNC answered all of my pre-purchase inquiries very promptly, and did a great job of keeping me updated with the status of my system as it went through building and testing.


The chassis of the laptop does get a little warm on the bottom, but not unbearably so.

1GB Quanta Quanta KN1 Notebook DDR2-533 SODIMM (p/n QUANTA-1GB-DDR2-533S)

However, the resolution was way too high for my tastes, rendering microscopic text even after increasing the display to dpi, and the screen had noteebook still has this nasty habit of going dead out of warranty. Nevertheless, these speakers are relatively good for tiny laptop speakers, rendering good midrange and high notes, and after tinkering with the included Realtek HD Audio controls you can actually make them sound rather substantial.

Gaming Performance This notebook is more than sufficient for most modern games at moderate settings. ISTNC will be the primary point of service under this warranty, and I believe the same goes for most other resellers.

KN1 rear view view larger image. The battery charges very rapidly, going from 3 percent to around 80 percent in under an hour while plugged in. Note that there is also a KN1-GM, which is the same system but with integrated graphics. There are noteebook custom controls for the touchpad outside of the Windows mouse control panel, but because this is a Synaptics touchpad you could probably download an updated driver from Synaptics. The KN1 is cooled by a single fan in the upper left corner of the notebook.

Drivers for Quanta KN1 notebooks sound cards

It was a day later than scheduled only because FedEx missed me while I was in class. Toshiba atop Quanta KN1 view larger image The interior of the laptop is black, with a black ntebook and a silver border around it.


The arrangement of the ports is adequate.

The Intel wireless connection management program is actually rather useful, and offers a few more features than the standard Windows wireless nogebook interface. KN1 underside view larger image.

Design and build quality The KN1, being a You can really see the difference when my old 2-inch-thick Toshiba is placed atop it: Furthermore, they go out of their way to make themselves available for contact, being accessible via email, live chat, or even AIM.

After undervolting the processor, I have been getting around 3 hours and 25 minutes of battery life. I have to put my ear right by the touchpad to be able to hear it. Under ordinary word processing and Internet browsing use with the wireless on, I got around 3 hours and 10 minutes of battery life.

Access panel removed view larger image. They were my other primary choice for vendors, and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in response to my inquiries.

Speakers The speakers are mounted at the front, firing forward. The KN1 has a rather plain design, resembling a large plank of silver plastic. Intel Pentium M 1. The top is only a little warm beneath the left Ctrl and Alt keys.