Stand-alone Systems A unique combination of embedded PC technology, compact size and ruggedness make Matrox Imaging’s stand-alone platform the ideal solution for cost-sensitive machine vision, image analysis and video surveillance applications. Note, that an error is returned if the specified delay cannot be generated. Switch to the video input or the number of the camera in the chain. Three inputs and four outputs. The saturation value of the camera. Image and Video Processing Solutions.

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These parameters provide the tool-tip of the corresponding parameter as a string. Low-cost frame grabber for standard analog monochrome or color video acquisition.

Acquiring a Single Image in a Loop. Note that in combination with the continuous grabbing mode you can exploit the specific Trigger Arm Characteristics settings which can be configured in the used DCF file, see also below for more information. It also supports simultaneous acquisition into PC memory and features an integrated true-color display with pseudo-color non-destructive overlay.

If the used camera does not support gain adjustment, an empty tuple is returned.

Matrox Mil & Firewire Image Acquisition

Note, that an error is returned if the specified exposure time cannot be generated. Forces an event trigger from the application, when using the external trigger. If you do not have these DLLs, please contact Matrox or the vendor from which you bought ki frame grabber 11394. Prevent to open an already used digitizer a second time. For possible values and assignment, please see the documentation of your frame grabber board. Using user-callback functions Note that the execution time of a user-specific callback function should always be as short as possible since during the execution of a callback function the handling of further internal callbacks matroxx be blocked.


Decreased the default number of allocated images buffers for each initialized camera from 5 to 2. If the used camera does not support vr adjustment, an empty tuple is returned. Request new hardware support.

matrox-Frame Grabbers

There may exist additional read-only parameters with the following postfixes: Designed for rapid application development, this field-proven library has over functions.

All products combine maximum functionality and unbeatable value. For detailed information about a frame grabber listed here, please visit the Matrox Imaging web site.

Support Package Installer installs this support package. Note that depending on the image size of the used camera a high number of buffers can exceed the available memory size of your computer, marox also the non-paged memory size settings with the Matrox MILConfig configuration tool. AcqHandle Acquisition handle of the corresponding image acquisition instance.

Machine Vision

Trial matros Contact sales. These parameters provide the minimum, maximum, step width, and default values for the corresponding integer or float parameter as a tuple with 4 elements, e.


Bug fix regarding the AcqHandle parameter when calling the user-specific callback functions: Supported versions of the Matrox Imaging Library include: The vr value of the camera. Supported versions of the Matrox Imaging Library include:. For the supported integer values definesplease have a look at the chapter ‘MdigControl’ in the MIL Help documentaion.

For this interface there are the following examples available: Note that by changing this value, all active image grabs are cancelled. However, in this case the used cameras must be compatiblethat is of the same type or with similar features if in doubt please contact your local vendor or Matrox.

For more information, read the documentation. These parameters provide the valid value list for the corresponding parameter as a tuple, e.

Improved use of double buffering.