The MicroTouch auto telescope focuser has been completely updated. Photo Equipment Baader Baader.. They are unavoidable for the correct functioning of our shop. The purpose of the AF routine is to maintain a good focus but not to get that initial good focus — especially when the camera is seriously out of focus to begin with. Search this site using Google. Use this for most applications.

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Included is FocusMax software to automatically focus the telescope for imaging.

Find all posts by PRejto. Please note that part which is a small brass bushing is needed when ordering this motor for the stock Astro Tech focusers. RoboFocus Control Program 5.

So adjust the number of steps between data points to achieve that.

Please note that only latin characters, numbers and common special characters can be entered. If there is not FT in the list. Should I be using a backlash setting as well? The shape of the graph greatly depends on your seeing conditions. Dean’s reply made all the difference for my situation!

There are some basics to getting the AF routine configured.

If you’re a TSX user and you’d like to try this functionality out early, please drop me a line and I’ll let you know what needs to be done to activate it. I have several profiles for my different scopes and cameras I use.


Micro Focuser all models Drivers for all models of the Micro Focuser line of precision focusers. This driver youch the ability to create several drivers giving the ability to control multiple focusers on the same system.

Or should I be making these changes in the equipment profile? I just purchased SkyX pro and I am evaluating asscom add-on and T-point.

ASCOM and Starizona MicroTouch Focuser – IceInSpace

Think of a profile as your starting template that contains all of your equipment information and settings you need to use for every sequence you want to start. To verify if this will fit your stock focuser, the outside diamter of the Adapter Barr and Stroud Berlebach. Check imcro Hidden Files and Folders”. Below is the link you can download and try it.

Teleskop-Express: Starlight Micro Touch Focusing System for 2″ Feather Touch Focuser

Once a temperature slope is configured within the focuser driver? I increased my step size to and turned on the backlash compensation with a value of The time is now Most programs such as MaxIm DL already have the needed focus controls built in. Enriching your astronomy experience since I have my backlash setting set to steps. Can anyone ascoom me out with initial settings for my focuser?


Microtouch Focuser

Last edited by PRejto; at You will probably need to bin 2×2 at least so that you can use short ie, 10 sec exposures. Link to download the driver can be found at the bottom of the page you see when you click the Visit button.

There is no need to do step two. I have smart focus enabled and never had any issues, but I never had the focus fail where the smart focus needed to kick in.

Failed to load driver, cannot write activeX. While doing this initial setup, point your scope somewhere near the zenith at a star field that is free of nebulosity so the AF routine has a clean star field to work on.

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