New User U on Jul 27, Then I looked at the cardboard packaging once more and realized it came with one of those tiny CDs and fold up documentation. Updated Driver available for Mac and Win8. Larger file for making a DVD of your home movies, smaller for sending email to the grand-kids. Then I hit record

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When I tried capturing video from a composite source, it ggrabber capture seconds of video and then just stop. Windows Vista Home Premium already has both and worked fine for me.

Depending on the software you use you can make the display as large as you like but you’re still subjected to the original resolution of the device attached. Simple, cheap, easy to use CONS: The CD contains the driver and BlazeVideo application. Is this device compatable with 32 bit Windows 7 Embedded?

Any device that has rca video and audio out or s-video out will work. If you were capturing from an original Nintendo entertainment system for example your resolution would be x Yes Win 10 compatible. I needed to copy an old videotape to my computer for archiving. Extremely disappointed that an updated driver is available but not provided and difficult to find.


Easy to use – worked well. Bought a dedicated card and that worked.

It’s easy with this to walk away while a 4 hour VHS tape plays and come back to a 4 hour video file. Capturing happens in real time – so if you want to copy a 3 hour video – it takes three hours makes sense.

monoprice 105616 USB 2.0 Video GRABBER With Audio

I used with windows 10 and it worked fine. Once again Monoprice came through with a very solid product and the best price of anything out there that appeared to be able to do the same job. This device is only going to convert the video it’s receiving to USB. MAC and Windows 8 Driver: You can play with the “sample videos” in your “videos” folder to find out.

Updated Driver available monopricee Mac and Win8. Reviews for Similar Products.

Monoprice USB Video Grabber with Audio –

I bought this a few months ago and works great. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. Long cables so you have some reach. Review More Purchases My Posts. I just changed it to save to the My Videos folder, and then it worked fine.


Then I tried the software on my Windows 10 machine. For the granber, it works better than I expected and it works on my Windows 10 machines.

I tried to capture some vhs and it dropped most of it. Log In to grqbber Member Pricing. I saw the input video displayed in the application and the audio trabber coming through. Sometimes I changed between two VCRs to solve a playback compatibility problem.

After searching and reading about all the various options, components, software, etc I had no idea what would be best for me to buy. Then I hit record