If the drive is running on just IDE settings, will that screw it up or will there be performance losses? Can memtest test each individual stick while both are still in place? The issue you’re facing is normal, expected behavior. Proceed with confidence that your OS is probably fine, unless crashing a bunch corrupted it. TRIM support will be shown.

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If memtest is giving any errors, one issue is likely the RAM itself. Disco Gerbil Team Leader.

So, I’m not quite sure what to make of that. I’ll give 890fx-gd70 a shot this evening and report back. The last bit of the ‘bios startup’ screens looked a bit glitchy, and then I saw the windows logo only long enough for it to go black and reboot.

TRIM clarification – motherboard support – TR Forums

I’ve changed that setting back, and now it booted fine. I did the step 1, and did remove the original hard drive after updating the SSD firmware etc. But it this something that is completely taken care of by Windows 7? Last edited by Disco on Tue Jun 12, 3: Ahxi have not played any games or benchmarked anything since the install.


Who is online Users browsing this forum: Also, what motherboard are you using? And Win 7, so that’s good. Of course make sure your motherboard bios is updated, and make sure the AHCI settings in the bios are correct.

Taken off of my email receipt, the memory I have is: I’ve checked the bios during startup.

So, is there any reason why I shouldn’t just use the hack? TRIM support will be shown.

I couldn’t find anything in device manager either Airmantharp Emperor Gerbilius I. Once I get more time, I’ll likely spend a day cleaning up the computer and re-installing everything from scratch again.

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How serious is 17 errors for 7 passes? I’ve run the memtest overnight. We’re up to 19 errors now.

It looks like test 8 was the one that identified the errors. So, now I’m slowly working my way thorough the components to figure out what’s going on. TRIM clarification – motherboard support.

Put it in the system, update the firmware via livecd or add it as aci 2nd drive, boot into windows, and do it from there 2.


I’ve switched the video card, with no luck. I changed that setting to AHCI and 89f0xa-gd70 computer began to go through about 5 reboot cycles before I shut ayci down.

Is there a way to get a summary output file of this test, or should I be writing some of this information down? About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. I’m having issues with my computer i thought reinstalling windows from scratch on the SSD would solve them – but NO Modern Windows OS disables drivers that won’t be used during startup to shave time off boot.

Does that indicate that it is the ‘second” stick whichever that one is?

No idea if mi performance has changed – seems zippy, just like before the hack. I’ve read a little bit about it and recognize what it is.