In the other hand, featuring slim appearance, along with a weight of at most 2. One reason might be the video driver. Since I saw others with the same issue I thought maybe there was a bug somewhere, but maybe you are right and I should just pop it open and take a look inside. This CPU uses the new Penryn core and was produced in the 45 nm technology. In our opinion the location of the audio ports is not ideal.

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Indepentent of the load, the fan was always clearly audible. Dimension L x D x H mm. So, you can’t even watch a whole film without having to recharge. Most of the back side of the GX is occupied by the battery The reviewed g6x00 slowly increased the revolution speed of the fan step by step. Any help would be much appreciated.

Despite some flawse. Any ideas on how to get BT working? You can immediately tell by the fiery tribal-style tattoo emblems that grace the lid and wrist rests of the piano-black MSI GX Extreme Edition that the system is aimed squarely at the fragging set. This is actually very good. This would have made the profit from the HDMI port complete. When we fired up Unreal Tournament 3the gameplay was silky smooth, and we enjoyed surprisingly rich sound, but noticed aliasing on the edges of our weapons.


The high-gloss surface is sensible to dirt of all kind.

Specification for GX | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

The two hinges appear to be smallnearly too small for a display of this size. Except of the bottom side, all parts have a high-gloss bluettooth. So, it looks more reputable and due the high -gloss black finish very elegant. To summarize, this can be a problem during mobile use, because you frequently have to readjust the opening angle of the lid for an ideal picture.

Speakers The two red stereo speakers are left and right above the keyboard. Considering it is a rpm hard disk, gs600 transfer rates and the access times are very good.

MSI GX600 Extreme Edition Review

Once we lifted the lid of the 6-pound GX Extreme Edition, we were met with a gorgeous x pixel resolution LCD that offered plenty of real estate for surveying the battlefield. Whether you use the front-mounted speakers or support a 5. Chassis flex is present, noticed when holding the gx00 by the palmrest or pressing firmly on different parts of the notebook.

As with most gaming machines, the GX Extreme Edition didn’t offer extraordinary endurance: Also the display with matte surface is good.

Horizontal viewing range was msk than adequate, so sharing the screen for a movie would not be a problem. I hope this means that the fan is just smarter now, and not that the BIOS disabled Turbo mode and just lights up the Turbo LED to make me think it is working when it is not This is a characteristic which is already known since the introduction of the GX model. The quality of the lid is typical for this notebook category.


We measured the maximum brightness of In contrast to other manufacturers, which equip most of their notebooks with glossy displays, MSI equipped the GX with a non-glare display. FEAR ran more or less smoothly with a resolution of x and maximum detailswhereas we measured 28 fps. Our favorite gaming laptop right now is beautiful, powerful and portable. Encoding video or music would probably see higher gains with an overclocked processor, over most gaming situations.

GX (MSa) bluetooth problem | NotebookReview

If you reduce the average resolution to x pixelsthe frame rate increases to about bluetooth fps. There are a couple of options regarding data communication. Our The Two Jakes: Even then frame rates did slow down at time, usually around heavy action.