Your computing wife will need another disk, so you could wait and attach the suspected drive later to her system. Aug 22, Posts: Never rely on HDD for permanent storage of important stuff. Am I correct on all this? Hard Disk discovered the disk could be bad.

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But keep in mind what you want to do with the second drive if it will be a RAID 0 Array its better to define this array with two drives first, bevor installing Windows otherwise you will have data loss.

I tried to attach it mwi my trusty K7N2 board on my personal computer and do a check on the disk and see if I can get back any data which is very precious. I did not mention that the error I get from the wifes computer is during boot up the warning is S.

Jul 1, Posts: I msii a Jumper on pin 1,2 to make it a slave I did not think I had mssi put jumpers on for sata but tried anyway with no luck.

I have a single drive on my promise raid controller, and if I delete a saat array, and reboot it will times auto setup the array for me, but I’m not sure about newer boards. The sata setup was just to have the ability to read the drive and thus wanting to have sata running.

When trying to set it up for the raid on MSI it also showed it as being there but just not able to access it. If you don’t have the Promise floppy that came with the MB you can download here: Yup, please specify exactly which K7N2 Delta model because if it does have the Promise controller it needs the drivers to use SATA even when only one drive is being used. There has to be another way so that two SATA drives can be installed independantly of one another. Thu Mar 11, Also took note the drive while plugged into power was very warm to the touch.


Man, I thought it’d be easier.

run sata hard drive on K7N2 Delta series

Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N. The size wouldn’t be a problem.

I assume this would be under integrated peripherals. I tried that to no avail.

I’ve searched here as well, but it seems to only let me setup as raid 0 or 1. Mon Feb 23, 2: Took me a while to realize you had to check the other manual, though. Like always, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Time will not increase the problem if the disk is kept in a cool place. Yes SCSI is right. If I disabled this on her computer could the disk possibly boot up windows allowing me to transfer some things before it goes bad for good?

Can MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR SATA RAID controller do JBOD?

I reckon the disk is SATA 2. Double check ‘Drive Assignment’ that it shows: Issue there is you access this in Auto set up Option 1 under the fastbuild utility Main Menu. After picking auto setup the first delra is Performance but it states I can change this but will not allow me to change to the security array for copying.


If you never installed the drivers then no SATA until you do. I wanted to set up sata on my MSI motherboard computer so i could read a damaged drive that is having issues from another computer and save the data.

I have not yet been able to find a guide, just the You have to define a RAID 0 array in order to use it as a boot drive. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I did try the Ubuntu cd with ASUS and was impressed with it, but running computer with it, it showed drive but did not let me access it so it must be down for the count.

And making the single drive false raid 0 array would be done in the advanced bios saya And none of those options after entering them has promise Raid.